Monday, 6 October 2014

Texture Mix

Tshirt - H&M 
Gilet - Tosphop (similar)
Trousers - Topshop (similar)
Bag - Whistles @ ASOS (similar)
Shoes - ASOS 

This outfit was tossed together in a frantic rush the other night when the outfit I had planned to wear turned out ugly when I put it on! I absolutely love the colour combo of grey and beige with the texture mix of the silky trousers and the faux fur. It's a simple outfit with just a plain tshirt and a combination that I never would have thought would match but I think it's a good display of that old less is more way of thinking!

Jen xx


  1. OMG Jen I bloody love this look! You look unreal! x

  2. For a rushed outfit it looks amazing!

  3. This was rushed? Are you fucking kidding me? O_O It looks amazing! You should see my rushed outfits, just jeans and ugly sweaters :D

  4. I love the colours and textures! x

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