Sunday, 1 June 2014

Suit Up

Suit - ASOS (blazer, trousers)
Tshirt - H&M
Boots - Topshop (similar)
Bag - Ebay

This suit really is what dreams are made of! It's made of a light material, perfect for summer but I decided to match it with black accents for a slightly different look. These boots were a Topshop sale buy at £30 and one I certainly haven't regretted; they're nice for a slightly smarter occasion! I'm beginning to get a bit restless with my hair again - I've never been one for keeping it the same for more than one appointment and I'm not really sure what to do with it now! It feels like it's grown so fast since I got a few inches snipped off a few months ago so I'm tempted to let it keep growing but I just can't decide. Dilemma, eh? 

Jen xx 


  1. Wow loving this suit on you!! Pure styling perfection! xx

  2. Love this look! Those sunnies are so cute!! x