Friday, 20 June 2014

Grad Ball

The weekend before last brought the long anticipated uni grad ball weekend getaway. Despite the fact that we hadn't actually received our exam results at this point and, therefore, were unsure if we even would be graduating we went all out and had a two night extravaganza. 

The weekend was held at the Crieff Hydro hotel in Perth which was absolutely stunning and the perfect location for the weekend. 

We went up on the Friday morning and just had to take advantage of the sun so explored the hotel and it's surrounding. Never one to turn down a trampolining opportunity we pretended we were under 16 to have a go then obviously had to order cocktails after all that strenuous exercise.

Then it was time to get our glad rags on and prepare for the ball. I got this dress about 2 years ago from Tadashi Shoji for my 21st so decided to wear it again to get my money's worth and it also meant nobody would have the same one…result!

The next morning we forced ourselves out of bed for the hotel breakfast - which always makes you feel better - then went for a swim..cue everyone's spray tan coming off in the pool. In the afternoon we had outdoor activities which included sumo wrestling, an outdoor laser quest type thing and this beast of a climbing wall. After which, of course, more cocktails were necessary!

Night two was fancy dress night and this year the theme was 'Mad Hatter's Wonderland' so I decided to go as the man himself in a slightly less crazy way! I don't know if you remember me doing a '3 ways to wear..' series with this suit. Well here's a fourth. 

On Sunday morning, after that breakfast again and brushing off another hangover it was home we went. It was such a fun weekend, and probably the last time we'll see the majority of our year for ages so was a nice send off!

Jen xx 


  1. The fourth way to wear is my favourite; so fashun.

  2. Your dress is stunning - wow x

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  4. Loved your grad ball dress! Your ball looks amazing, I have mine on sunday really excited! Hope you get the degree you hoped for! x


  5. That dress is so beautiful! You look like a princess xxxxxxx