Friday, 16 May 2014

Topshop Treats

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So I thought I'd update you all on my latest Topshop wishlist! As a new mule supporter, I'm obviously now wanting to expand my collection with these summery white ones and this bardot style crop top is their perfect accompaniment. The khaki bomber is a perfect spring jacket, while we are waiting for the UK to catch up with the seasons, and I think it would go really well with monochrome outfits. You can never go wrong with a silky cami in summer; they're perfect for creating lots of different outfits and looks. Last but not least, I've never seen a bikini this style so think it would be a cute addition to a summer wardrobe this year!!

Jen xx


  1. That dress looks lovely! I am loving topshops collections at the moment, they can't seem to make any mistakes! x

  2. Love love love the mules and the cami! Loving your blog, newest follower!

    Lily x

  3. Oh crap I need payday to hurry up and now need to visit Toppers. I am in love with that crop, awesome selection! xx