Friday, 11 April 2014

My Little Pony

Coord - Chicwish (top, skirt)
Boots - Topshop
Bag - Chicwish

Another twosie. Classic me. Despite often wearing a similar concept, there is such a variety of designs and styles available within this trend - this time a jumper and skirt in a scuba texture. This is such an easy outfit to throw on with not a lot of thought required - you pretty much just have to add shoes and you're good to go. I also decided to go for this pony clutch - which is probably the cutest and least practical bag I own as you can't fit much more than a bank card in it but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make to relive my youth! 

Jen xx


  1. You have awesome style, very inspiring!
    I love everything about this look, it's fresh, simple and original in the same time :)
    Follow you - and I will be happy if you visit my blog to ;)


  2. I can only join Lili.
    Your style is refreshing, new, inspiring & cool. I love the neopren material & it's everything very exciting which shoes or bag you wear with.
    It would be a pleasure if you take a look on my blog:


  3. you look awesome, i've been eyeing this two set up for a while if i'm honest! You abso rock it and I completely adore your bag, hilarious that you can't fit anything in it but hey it's mega cute! x

  4. Love the two piece! The bag is well worth it's impracticality. since when was fashion meant to be practice anyway??

  5. I really love those boots!

  6. Such a gorgeous co-ord! Love the colour x