Thursday, 20 March 2014

Super Bargain Haul

Recently, to try and get my shopping under control, I've been trying to seek out reasonably priced items rather than spending ridiculous amounts in Topshop. I thought I'd compile my best buys of the last few weeks in one big superhaul post!

I haven't shopped in Boohoo in years but I've noticed it popping up on loads of blogs recently so I took a browse of their website and was not disappointed. They are top of the culotte game (which up until now, I had yet to join) and they also have such a great selection of two pieces at excellent prices.

Ark is another website that I had never bought from but had to check out after all the blog posts I was seeing. They stock a lot of different brands and the prices are amazing. Also I ordered quite late on a Friday afternoon and it was here on the Saturday - with free delivery! To top it all off there was 20% off everything the day I shopped. It doesn't get much better than this. I've been eyeing up this Lavish Alice jumpsuit (top left) for ages so took the plunge with the 20% discount. I also think that blue floral top (bottom right) could look pretty great with the floral culottes from Boohoo - DIY coord anyone?

A post full of bargains would not be complete without Primark. As I do the majority of my shopping online I hadn't been into Primark in months so went a bit mental. You can always count on Primark to give you a good bag - I've been looking for a casual black everyday bag for ages and this one (top right) is perfect. It's pretty spacious but not too chunky. If anyone is able to exit Primark without having bought pyjamas I salute you - I cannot resist.
Brown backpack £3 / Monochrome backpack £8 / Black bag £6
Flamingo tee £5 / Run DMC tee £8 / Mint leather look skirt £10
Stripy flannel PJs £4 / Lighting PJ bottoms £5

Jen xx


  1. Those stripy jammies really are the stand out piece

  2. Really nice stuff. I love the Primark pieces!