Saturday, 22 February 2014

Standing Out

Floral Suit - ASOS (trousers,jacket)
Long sleeve tshirt - H+M
Shoes - Chicwish
Bag - Zara 

This is a slightly different take on the suit trend, with less polish and a more relaxed feel. I love how the bomber style jacket and this ensemble will be perfect for spring. Also, another opportunity to wear these Chicwish beauts, I kept wishing I'd bought them in black and was kicking myself but they recently restocked and I snapped them up. I think this suit could be dressed up for a more fancy occasion with a bright cami so I'm looking forward to wearing it again. I did get many a strange look walking through town wearing this suit with a builder telling me 'It's nice to stand out' - not sure if that was a compliment or not but the people of Glasgow clearly can't handle me and my good taste…

Jen xx 


  1. Wow.. You look amazing!!!