Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sneaky Sneaks

I thought I'd do a post on the elusive trend that is trainers. I'm not necessarily one for jumping on any trend as soon as it's deemed fashionable and I did resist this one for a good while but eventually I did succumb. I think it's more important to just find and wear styles that you like, enjoy wearing and that suit your style but it does seem that by the time your order has arrived in the post the trainer trend has moved onto a different style. So in this case, there's no point trying to keep up with the trend, just stick to what you like.

For the last few years I was all about wearing converse / vans trainers but only on casual, lazy days and wouldn't have classed any of those outfits as blogworthy, but recently things have definitely changed and the right pair of trainers have become quite the accessory.

At first, I wasn't into the trainers that looked too like you were off to the gym. I didn't feel I could pull them off so I opted for a pair of NewBalance 420s in pink from ASOS (on the blog here). I'm not usually a girly pink kind of gal but I actually find them quite versatile and easy to pair with an outfit. However I did wish I had bought a more neutral colour, so eventually extended my collection to include a black pair of 410s from ASOS.

These purchases kept my newfound enjoyment of trainers at bay for a good few months, until I couldn't resist the Nike invasion. Still finding the majority too trainery for my liking, I chose the Montreal style from ASOS. In hindsight these were maybe a bit too similar to my first NewBalance pair but slightly more neutral..and you can never have too much of a good thing? A few months on, I found myself with the urge for another pair and wanted to branch out a bit style wise but without having the guts to try another brand it was back to NewBalance I went - a pair of 574s from ASOS. This was venturing into the style I had originally avoided but I went for a safe colour and love them.

I occasionally still did lust over the popular Nike styles but just wasn't willing to pay £100+ for a pair of trainers. I especially loved the style with the leopard print on them but they were coming in at around £150 on eBay and that just didn't sit right with me. They are beautiful though...

Then JD Sports kids' section came to the rescue. They go up to a UK size 5.5 and I'm only a 4...ideal. I got these ones that have been featured in many a blog post (1, 2, 3). The main problem I've had in the past is that I'm not a huge fan of wearing trainers with tights, and I'm not willing to go bare legged in the winter but these ones look fine with tights which instantly means more wear for them.

Finally, over the Christmas holidays I caved and started looking for a pair of Nike Air Max trainers. I was determined to get one for a cheaper price, even if they were used, and I also wanted a slightly different pair that I hadn't seen everywhere. So I trolled eBay and eventually decided on these beauts on eBay. The price fluctuates so I kept them in my watch list and jumped on it when they were a bit lower. I paid £68 for them which is still pretty dear but much cheaper than most of the others I'd seen! While I was patiently awaiting their arrival, I stumbled across an Instagram picture on some celebrity's page (ahem, Lucy Hale) of a pair of free runs that I'd never seen before. At this stage I was worried that this was getting out of hand and after a frantic eBay search I couldn't find them so was beginning to let them go then one day there they were, on eBay for only £50 and I couldn't help myself. 

So here I am, two years from my original NewBalance purchase, and on a self imposed spending ban on trainers. As ridiculous as my collection may seem, I bought most of them on ASOS with some of their delightful discount codes or at least made an effort to shop around to get the cheapest deal possible.  

There obviously are the 'trendy' styles which many people have strong feelings about - ranging from obsession to pure hatred - but as I said, these are changing before you can catch up with them so find out what you like and go for that. You'll definitely end up getting a better cost per wear result out of them that way! Right now I'm going to focus on wearing my most recent purchases and may even sell one or two of the older pairs to try and make my money back a bit!

Jen xx

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  1. I'm all for the trainer trend.
    Love the ones you featured.
    its crazy to see how even designers are now including trainers into their collection e.g Tom Ford, Micheal Kors