Friday, 24 January 2014


A lot of people have been asking me which lipsticks I'm wearing in recent posts and I've been thinking of doing a post like this for a while so I thought I'd go for it! I've always been a fan of lipsticks but especially over the last few months, I've rarely gone out without some on! I love trying all different colours and finishes but I definitely have some favourites. Now I ain't no beatuy blogger so instead of shooting them al individually I've just sampled pictures from previous posts. It shows how different a lipstick can look depending on your outfit!

This Topshop lipstick in shade 'Inhibition' was something that I picked up at the till without a seconds' thought. I was returning things but there was a £2 deficit so I threw in this lipstick and it has become my favourite lippy this winter! It is so versatile and adds a perfect finishing touch to any outfit. As you can see I've paired it with anything from pink to blue to camouflage print and I think it goes with every single one of them! At a reasonable price of £8, I've found this well worth it. It lasts well, has good coverage, a nice finish - neither matte nor shiny - and doesn't dry out your lips. 

A while back, I mentioned that I had been on the hunt for a bright purple lipstick. I bought many on the search, none of which filled the void in my make up bag. Then Topshop came to the rescue with this lipstick in 'Straight Ace'. With a similar finish to 'Inhibition' (if a bit more shiny) and again good coverage, I love the colour and have usually paired it with monochrome outfits in the past. I do, however, think I will wear it loads in summer with a huge range of colours!

Next, we arrive at the mecca that is MAC. I adore their lipsticks. They have such a huge range of finishes and an endless choice of colours. Their deal where you can exchange 6 empty MAC containers for a free MAC lipstick allows me to justify many a MAC purchase. I can't work out how to link the individual shade but they can all be found here.
First up, 'Rebel'. This comes under the satin finish and is so easy to wear, especially on those cold winter days where your lips can suffer a bit, this is smooth and quite moisturising. I received many compliments on this lipstick and again I find it goes with nearly everything. This has been my go to lippy when I just want to make an outfit a bit more interesting over the last few months.

Next, 'Ruby Woo'. This has a matte finish so I don't find it very wearable when my lips are dry. It does, however, stay on all day when it's on and because of the matte finish it doesn't rub off on everything. I don't wear it very often but it certainly does give a bold finish to otherwise plan make up.

This next lippy is one that I found at the bottom of a messy drawer, dusted it off and now actually really like it. It's from M+S yeeeears ago (shade name: Chilli) and I think cost me £2. They don't have it on the website any longer unfortunately so sorry to feature one that you can't buy but I just really like it. I think there's something different about the shade, I can't really explain how but I feel like it looks almost vintagey and slightly different to your average post box red. I obviously quite like wearing this one when my hair's back...

Finally, some other ones that I wear occasionally. First we have a bronzey one from MAC. It's called 'Plastique' and is in the Frost finish. I like this, it's quite different and I don't wear it often but I find it doesn't give much of a block coverage. It may be better with a  foundation base, so I'll try that next time.
Next, another MAC one, with lustre finish. The shade has rubbed off (another one from the bottom of that drawer) but from browsing the website I think it might be 'Lustering' or 'Milan Mode' - again sorry for the vagueness!
Finally, on the right is a Ruby and Millie lipstick which you'll find in Boots. I bought this when I was about 15 and really wanted to wear it but was too scared to (I'm quite glad that a 15 year old me wasn't prancing about with bright orange lipstick on to be honest!) but now with the right outfit, I love it! The shade matched the print on this Motel top perfectly so was ideal for that night out!

Something a little different from me but I like experimenting with varying types of posts and trying new things so I hope you've enjoyed!

Jen xx


  1. I love mac lipsticks! My fav is Diva! Lovely post
    Keeley's Wardrobe

  2. I love that purple shade from Topshop! I've found they sometimes don't last but that colour is ace. I'm a Lipstick Queen convert myself.x