Sunday, 29 December 2013

Spoiled Rotten

As I type I am working my way through the obligatory Christmas chocolate orange - at an alarmingly fast rate might I add. Thought I'd share some of my crimbo gifts with you lot so eennjoooyy!

So what have we got here. Well my mum is always asking me what I want for Christmas so I made a wee ASOS wish list and sent it on over to her and she chose me this gorgeous playsuit, floaty top and Monki clutch! I absolutely couldn't wait to use the clutch and so it is featured in my Christmas Day OOTD post (here), it's huge so you can literally throw anything in there which is unusual for a clutch!!

Also another festive jumper (one can never have too many). I particularly like this one as it isn't overtly Christmassy and more generally wintery, therefore extending the acceptable wear period! Ideal. My brother and his girlfriend got me that stunning orange snake effect handbag that I cannot wait to use. 

I was also lucky enough to get two different benefit make up sets and that huge Molton Brown bubble bath set. Then when you add the tea light holder with my name on it I think I am in for a January full of  home pampering. 

The new Bridget Jones book found its way under my tree and this made me realise I've actually not read the previous book (books? I don't even know - how uneducated of me) so I'm definitely getting them bought now and I'll have a wee marathon!

Last but not least we have a stunning Art Deco style photo frame, the Lisa Faulkner cookbook, which I'm looking forward to trying out, and a couple DVDs - Great Gatsby (fave film of 2013) and Beyonce (fave person of all time - ever - ever). 

Well it's all over for another year but I love how you always have New Year to look forward to after Christmas and we all have such lovely presents to enjoy as well! 

Jen xx


  1. You lucky duck :) Have a great new year x

  2. Lovely gifts! I'm loving the handbag and the Molton Brown gift set looks great! x
    The Jolly Fashionista

  3. Love the jumpsuit, you got some lovely gifts :)

    Natalie x