Friday, 27 December 2013

Boxing Day Sale Haul

As you all know, the best way to ward off the post crimbo blues is always a bit of sale shopping. I couldn't quite pluck up the energy to go into town on Boxing day but I did do some from the comfort of my bed yesterday morning!

First comes Zara. Always a good place to browse the sale to see if some of their stunning clothes could be snapped up at lower prices. However, most of the items only had a £5-10 reduction which was a bit disappointing but it's just too risky a game to wait till they get reduced further in case they're sold out!!

Here are some of the beauties that are making their way to me as I type:
Black faux leather dress - £29.99 £22.99
Camo print smock top - £39.99 £29.99
Lace trim shorts - £22.99 £15.99
White playsuit - £29.99 £19.99
The dress and playsuit were real bargains despite only having small reductions and I'm thinking the playsuit may be a New Years Eve outfit option. I don't actually have plans yet but am sorting my outfit out. Priorities. 

I also ordered this parka jacket. I've been looking for a parka for a while but wanted a high quality one and the Zara ones really do tick that box, the only problem being the slightly too high price tag so a wee boxing day reduction sorted that one out. 
Combination Parka - £89.99 £69.99

Next stop was the old faithful - Topshop. Let's just say I went a bit mental, still in my turkey coma perhaps. I'm telling myself I'll return some of it so hopefully I'll keep to that!! One of the many things I love about Topshop is that you still get student discount on sale that just made this all the more difficult!

Camo jacket - £60 £30
Camo trousers - £45 £20

This coat has had my eyes on it for a while, if not for wearing outdoors at least to snuggle into on a cold night and a more than half price reduction sealed the deal right up!

Cocoon coat - £125 £60

Next for some festive party wear. An essential for every wardrobe. 
Fluffy Dress - £50 £22
Bronze shell top - £35 £20

I've loved these boots for a while and got myself involved in a bidding war over a pair so was deeeeelighted to see them in the sale.
AEON Neoprene boots - £78 £40

Festive present jumper - £50 £25 

Last but certainly not least I got this gorgeous velvet robe. I saw it in the 'New In' section a few weeks ago and had to physically restrain myself from buying it so I'm very excited for its arrival. I imagine I'll feel like someone from an old movie while gliding around my flat wearing it.
Velvet robe - £45 £20

I hope you are all recovering from the festivities and are getting excited for New Year's Eve!!!

Jen xx

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