Saturday, 2 November 2013

Saturday Haul

Today I had a good old fashioned shopping spree like I used to do with friends in my early teenage years. The majority of shopping I do these days is online so it was actually really fun having a leisurely walk around the shops and when a Starbucks gingerbread latte was added to the equation it was simply unbeatable. I've only seen haul posts in video formatted but I figured why not just do one with photos instead?!

First stop was Topshop where they had the remnants of a sale on. I can never usually be bothered trailing through sale rails, it's too much effort, but today I decided to give it my best shot. I found this amazing cropped jumper for a sweet £12! I didn't try it on (again, I'm a lazy shopper) but it's a really comfortable fit and I'm looking forward to wearing it. Also in Topshop, they had a huge jewellery sale on so I had to check that out. As gorgeous as the Topshop jewellery range is, the necklaces are often quite pricey so you have to take advantage of the sales because most jewellery doesn't really go out of fashion. I got these 4 necklaces for a combined price of £16 which is pretty darn good if you ask me! 

Next it was off to Primark where you really have to go hard or go home. You have to be committed to the task if you want to browse Primark thoroughly. My aim for the visit was to get a stripe long sleeve tee which I found at £4 - I went a few sizes up as I want a loose fit casual top. And I also picked up this beanie (£2), these amazing jewel print socks (£1.50) and these stunning festive heels (only £12!!!). I particularly love the heels, they're not too high and my first impression is that they are really comfortable so I think they'll be very handy in the festive season. 

As if my Saturday couldn't get any better I also arrived home to a few parcels. Firstly, this gorgeous t-shirt that I got on ebay (you can find it here). It's a bargain at £14 and I have to thank the She Wears Fashion blog for this find!

Finally, an ASOS order. I paid the £9.95 for a full year of free next day delivery and by golly have I got my money's worth. I think the deadline for next day delivery is as late as 8pm so it is so so handy for any last minute outfit requirements!
This is actually the second of this jumpsuit I have ordered. I have gone a size down from the first try as it is quite large made. I haven't actually tried on the new one but I think it'll be perfect. Also, it's reduced  right now so get on over there! You can all look forward to seeing it on my blog but the cheeky Little Magpie beat me to it! At least I know I have good taste...
An apt ending to my post full of bargains - this beanie. It is so cute and snuggly that I think it will be a close friend of mine this winter. 

Jen xx


  1. Ooh lovely picks! I seriously need to get in to Primark soon, it's been almost a year since my last visit and I need some new basics!
    Rosie x

  2. I love that jumper, you got some really great things on sale! Love your blog, new follower on GFC, would love if you could follow back!


  3. The money motif crop is lush.


  4. Omg that money top is amazing xx